Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality Information Security services to mandated and non-mandated organizations alike. We believe that InfoSec services should also bring a business value to the organization that far exceeds merely accomplishing compliance goals...

Our professionals are senior InfoSec engineers who are as at home talking to your Board of Directors as they are talking geek with your Network Administrator.

Our custom-created curriculum is second to none in its efficiency to get the point across for both technical and non-technical audiences, and our content development pros can create the security program, policies and/or procedures that your organization need.

Information Security is about people, and it's a business goal. We never lose that focus when we become your InfoSec Partner. Remember, there is a difference between between being compliant and being secure!

Our mission is simple: to make sure you are ready if you were to meet one of those wolves that has not been trained to play nice!